Water is 60% of our entire bodyweight composition, and 90% of the brain’s weight. Hence, it implies that sufficient hydration is necessary for the optimal functioning of all organs in the body. We hear every now and then, about the importance of drinking water, we know it is important, but sometimes it is often hard to pinpoint why exactly.

The body utilizes water in its tissues, organs and cells in order to aid in the regulation of temperature and other bodily functions. The body loses water through common processes such as sweating, digestion and the likes. Hence, it is important to rehydrate by regularly taking water.

  • Protection of Tissues, Joints and Spinal cord: Water does not just quench your thirst, and regulate the temperature of your body, it also ensures the tissues in your body remain moist. When the eyes, nose and mouth gets dry, it is because your body is not hydrated, and it is needed for the maintenance of optimum levels of moisture in these regions of the body including the blood, brain and bones.

Water also provides protection for the spinal cord, as it acts as a lubricant and provides cushioning effects for the joints.


  • Excretion of waste: The excretion of waste is an important function of water, and without this, it implies that harmful toxins will build up within the body. Hence, taking water on a regular ensures the body effectively excretes waste through processes such as defecation, urination and perspiration.

  • Digestion process: Digestion commences with saliva, which contains water. Digestion depends on the enzyme in the saliva to break down food molecules, and liquid to properly dissolve minerals and nutrients.


  • Dehydration prevention: When you lose fluid during various physical activities, it is necessary that there is a replacement, as the body needs to maintain the natural hydration levels.


  • Energy boost: Water also ensures that essential nutrients are supplied to all the cells particularly the muscle cells, as it prevents the muscle from experiencing fatigue.


People who exercise on a regular basis; have health problems are advised to consume more water in order to make up for water loss. Always bear in mind that water is important, and sufficient hydration is important for good health.

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