Exercise is basically any movement which requires the muscles to work, in order for the body to lose some calories. There are a good number of physical activities and they include: swimming, jogging, dancing and a host of others.

Staying active comes with a truckload of benefits, both mentally and physically. As a matter of fact, it would even aid you to have a longer life.

The following are some known benefits which exercising gifts you:

  • It makes you happier: Exercising enhances your mood, and reduces the chances of you being depressed, anxious or sad. It stimulates some changes in the brain which control anxiety and stress. Also, it steps-up the production of endorphins which give positive feelings, and reduction in pain perception.


  • It reduces weight: For those who are struggling with excessive weight gain and obesity. Performing exercises on a regular basis helps to reduce weight. The body expends energy in three modes: Food digestion, exercise and normal body functions. Out of these three, exercising helps you to lose calories the fastest.


  • It reduces the chance of a chronic disease: If you want to live a long life free from disease, then you need to exercise on a frequent basis. The presence of a chronic disease implies the absence of constant physical activity. Exercising on a frequent basis aids to enhance your insulin sensitivity, body composition and cardiovascular fitness. It also reduces blood fat levels and blood pressure.


  • It improves your memory and brain health: Exercising helps your brain to function better, and it helps your memory as well. In addition, it steps up your thinking skills, as you would be able to process tasks easier and faster. It helps your brain, by increasing the rate of your heart which enhances the flow of oxygen and blood to your brain. It also helps in the production of hormones which are quintessential to the growth of brain cells.


  • It helps you relax better: After having a good exercise, you will realize that, it is easier for you to relax better, as your quality of sleep and rest will improve. Effective exercise also helps those who have insomnia, as they sleep longer and deeper, and when they wake up, they are energized.

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